European Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

We have long experience with beech and its processing. In order to eliminate the instability of the beech wood during its drying, we treat the timber with following procedure:
  • A log arrives to the factory with humidity level around 40-50%; the wet log goes directly to the saw mill where it’s processed to a timber.
  • The timber goes to a steaming chamber; the steaming provides unified colour throughout the whole wood profile (colour of our beech is similar to the beech veneer made by Danzer Ltd.). Then, the timber is processed into blanks.
  • The steamed blanks need to be dried: they go to special drying chamber where they stay for 21-50 days, depending on their profile, actual moisture level, outdoor climatic conditions and other factors. The final moisture level is 8-10%. During the drying process, the material can shrink – it can lose up to 14% of its size, depending on the actual moisture content.
  • Dry blanks are planed and then assorted for further processing; they can remain as blanks, they can be bent, edges can be bevelled etc., or they can be used as an input good for production of glued panels.