About us

Beky, a.s. has been established in 1992 and currently it is one of the biggest companies in Central Europe focused on hardwood processing. 95% of our production is exported, especially to Germany, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic and Poland.

The company is family-owned; already a second generation of the possessor’s family participates in the management.
We do our best to be a reliable and stable partner for our customers from all over the world. With this attitude, we build our brand for more than 20 years. We pay attention to sustainability, we use natural resources wisely. We invest in our technical equipment continuously to improve our efficiency.

During its existence, our company crossed many important milestones; here are some of them:

  • 1992: Beky Ltd. has been established. First frame sawmill was bought.
  • 1996: Investor from USA came up to the company. Investment in drying technology was made. Technology for planing and bending was bought.
  • 1998: Second production plant was bought.
  • 2000: Capacity of the drying facilities was extended. New technology for log processing was bought. New item was added to the product portfolio – edge-glued panel.
  • 2001: New item was added to the product portfolio – glued panel with finger-joint lamella.
  • 2010: A new hall for production of edge-glued panels was built.
  • 2012/13: A new production shop for wood flour and briquettes was built and the technology was bought; in 2013, the production began.
  • 2014: A new office building was built as well as a new hall for CNC technology.
  • 2018: Opening of the CNC production.

Beky Co. processes approximately 20 000 m3 of beech lumber per year and 40 000 m3 of raw beech timber pre-processed by small local producers. Besides, it processes also 2 000 m3 of oak lumber and 250 m3 of American walnut timber.

The whole processing procedure includes sawing, steaming, drying and product finalization, i.e. planing, eventually agglutination, carving or bending.

Maximum monthly capacity of the drying chambers is 2 600 m3 of a 32 mm timber.
Maximum monthly output capacity is 500 m3 of planed blanks and 500 m3 of glued boards.