Range of CNC machines

We are offering machining of products and semi-products on wide range of machines:

  • 5-axis flat CNC Morbidelli M200 – (Video). Production of table tops, flat parts, beds, doors and flat cut outs up to 3.1m
  • 5-axis flat CNC Morbidelli M800- (Video). Production of beds, table tops, flat parts, flat cut outs, stairs and doors up to 6.3m
  • Lathe copy machine Bacci T4M-O (Video). Production of bed, table and chair legs, gun stocks, tool handles, sports equipment to a length of 1m
  • 3-axis cutting/drilling/routing center Comec MD Top L (Video). Production of long parts (door frames, doors, chair legs,…) up to 3.3m
  • CNC lathe Locatelli Multimatik 1600 CNC V.1 (Video). Production of furniture legs, food processing equipment and tair columns up to 1.6m
  • Marking laser Sei Flexi 600 (Video). Cutting, marking and etching of areal 60x60cm
You can see more videos from the production here. You can find our products under the brand “Made by Beky”. More photos >>>

We are happy to prepare quote for You based on:

  • Wood type (beech, oak)
  • Input material (blank, continuous or finger-jointed board)
  • Description of quality
  • Drawing of the part or pictures
  • Required volume

We will prepare the quote and send You the sample by mail.