• We produce blanks made from beech wood only
  • Humidity: Dry (8%) or with aerial humidity (20-25%)
  • Unplaned / pre-planed / planed
  • Maximum dimensions: Thickness up to 60 mm, width up to 110 mm, length up to 3 m
  • Standard deviation: Up to 2 mm per one meter of length, or in accordance to the customer’s demand
  • Special planing: Radius (bevel edges), maximum is 4xR5
  • Bending: By high-frequency press
  • Quality categories

    Click on the title above to see the quality categories.


    • A (four-sides clear): No defects, no heartwood, no knots, no colour nuances
    • B: No knots, no blue stains, max. 25% of red heartwood; few black dots up to 4 mm are allowed
    • A/B (one-side clear): Combination of A + B quality; one side with A quality, B-quality side with max. 25% of red heartwood
    • C „rustic“: No rot, no insect damage, no cracks; red and black heartwood is allowed, black dots up to 8 mm allowed