Wood flour

There are many ways how to use wood flour. At this moment, our wood flour is used as an input material for wood-plastic composites, as a bedding material in animal husbandry and also as a tanning agent in mink industry. But there are many other possibilities how to use it.

Our wood flour is not FSC® certified.

Our wood flour is made from beech sawdust that is dried by hot air (temperature of the air is 500-550 Celsius; this temperature also disinfects the wood flour). The dry sawdust goes into a system of sorters; too big particles are grinded in a special milling technology, too small particles (dust) go away (they can be used for briquette production). The final product goes through a system of sieves that allows sorting the flour by its particle size. Assorted wood flour is stored in large silos. The particular fractions can be mixed together in accordance to customer’s demand and then the final product is packed into two-layer paper bags (20 kg each) or into big bags (400 kg).