Beky protects the environment

Protection of the environment is one of our highest priorities. We do our best to be eco-friendly – and it’s effective in economical way too. We use as much of the input material as possible to avoid waste. The waste we create anyway (wood chip and sawdust) is not thrown away, we use it either for further production (we produce wood briquettes and wood flour from the high-quality sawdust) or for heating; heat is essential for our production.

FSC® certification

We are involved in the well-known FSC® certification system. We regularly go through the Chain of Custody certification process, so our customers can be sure our FSC® products come from certified forests. Not all our production is FSC® certified; we are bounded by limited number of certified suppliers. We hope the number will increase soon.

Sustainability & regulation in Slovakia

There is a long tradition in taking care about forests in Slovakia. Every subject that owns a forest in Slovakia is obliged by national law to create a forest management plan. This plan is created for a period of 10 years; it can be created only by an expert. When the plan is ready, it goes through a public approval procedure (forest owners, forest managers, public administration subjects, expert organizations and public can participate on this procedure). At the end, the plan has to be authorized by district authorities. Based on the approved plan, forest manager controls every activity and diarizes all performed actions. These records are controlled by government supervisors regularly and eventual violations of the plan are sanctioned. The forest management plans are useful land and nature protection, land-use planning and for long-term forest management policy. Thanks to the sophisticated system of forest management controlled and guaranteed by national authorities, we can be sure that all forests in Slovakia are used wisely and sustainably.